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Стихи на английском  про школу для детей


School is something,
we must all embrace.
Knowledge we need,
to seek out and chase.

Subjects and teaching styles,
are plentiful and vary.
Just like the backpacks,
we all need to carry.

Sports, clubs, and activities,
at every single turn.
So much to do,
study and learn.

To get the most from school,
we should consistently attend.
Around each corner,
there’s always a friend.

Our favorite teachers,
are friendly and kind.
Their passion and job,
to expand every mind.

School is something,
we must all embrace.
Just remember to learn,
at your own pace.

Английский стих о школе младших классов

Preschool is Fun

Preschool is very exciting,
and so much fun.
Play with your friends,
smile and run.

Preschool is a place,
where you learn so many things.
Your teacher will tell you,
why birds have wings.

Enjoy cool activities,
using arts and crafts.
Listen to stories,
and share some laughs.

At preschool you get to play,
all these very nice games.
It’s really fun learning,
everyone’s names.

Just look around,
and you will see so many toys,
Some friends are girls,
and some are boys.

Preschool is great,
have fun when you learn.
Remember to share,
and wait for your turn.


If you made it to school,
you must be real smart.
You’re a funny kid,
that understands art.

Now you’re ready,
to learn a lot more.
About giraffes, elephants,
and lions that roar.

Asking questions,
is important and great.
If you wish to grow,
you should finish your plate.

Please remember to listen,
quietly and well.
For that magical,
school bell.

You’ll learn about,
science and math.
And the importance of taking,
a regular bath.

School is fun,
with friends and teachers.
Your imagination will create,
friendly creatures.

Английские стихи о школе для начальных классов

My School

I really like my school,
and just want to say,
That’s where I spend,
most of my day.

Countless activities,
I get to do.
For arts and crafts,
I always use glue.

During math class,
I learn to add and subtract.
ten times ten equals one hundred,
that’s an absolute fact.

One of my favorite classes,
is fun and called gym.
I can nearly touch,
that basketball rim.

I also enjoy learning,
difficult words to spell.
My ears are programmed,
for that school bell.

I really like my school,
and just want to say,
I’m always excited,
for the very next day.



School is often,
a serious affair.
Your teacher expects you,
to sit straight in your chair.

During classes you don’t fancy,
you may be sporting a frown.
Just be careful,
your grades may go down.

Education certainly begins,
with a positive attitude.
For this opportunity,
let’s show some gratitude.

The trick is to enjoy,
subjects you find curious.
The ones you don’t like,
are not injurious.

Remember to physically,
and mentally train.
It all begins,
with your beautiful brain.

Your classmates may need,
a helping hand.
You’re a good student,
you understand.

Стихи на английском о школе для старших классов

Complex Condition

High school is certainly,
a complex condition.
It starts off,
as a simple audition.

Right from the hello,
you’re instantly judged.
Followed by pressure,
and repeatedly nudged.

Plenty of homework,
to polish each skill.
Some of your friends,
just want you to chill.

Stick to your values,
you personally vowed.
With patience and time,
you’ll locate your crowd.

Try to remember,
it’s just a few years.
No point of spilling,
all of those tears.

High school is certainly,
a complex condition.
Keep it real,
and finish your mission.

Прикольный стих на английском о школе

Why We Need School

Please explain,
Why we need school.
Sitting in those desks,
is painful and cruel.

Teachers are there to,
instruct and teach.
Give me an iPad,
and I’ll learn at the beach.

Why pay teachers,
let’s be frugal.
I’ll get my info,
straight from Google.

I just have one more,
challenging request.
Let’s get rid of,
exams and that test.

We’re curious kids,
knowledge we seek.
Our education system,
we should definitely tweak.

That’s my argument,
why we DON’T need school.
Let’s make it a law,
or simply a rule.

Стих о школе на английском о начале учебного года

Back To School

Another wonderful school year,
is about to start.
You’ll learn new things,
and become very smart.

You’ll learn about,
the stars and the moon.
I know you can’t wait,
it will happen real soon.

You’ll meet new friends,
and have so much fun.
School will feel,
like a huge home run.

Your teachers will help,
you learn so much.
About the French,
British, and Dutch.

You’ll also learn about,
Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Trying science experiments,
will be an educational activity.

I just have one more,
back to school suggestion.
Remember to raise your hand,
when you have a question.

Английский стих о первом дне в школе

First Day

This will be your very first,
day of school.
It will be fun.
It will be cool.

You’ll learn a lot,
and also play.
With new friends,
each school day.

Remember to smile,
and remember to laugh.
You’ll listen to stories,
about a yellow giraffe.

During recess you will,
get to play outside.
What’s that game,
where you have to hide?

I know you’ll enjoy,
your first day of school.
You’re a good kid,
that’s smart and cool.

Английский стих о выпускном дне в школе


This school year,
has come to an end.
Say goodbye to each,
teacher and friend.

You’ve clearly done,
a lot of work.
Summer vacation,
is your reward or perk.

Just remember,
to continue to read.
That will help,
your brain cells feed.

During the summer,
you’ll get to relax.
Play outside,
and eat healthy snacks.

Remember to show,
your parents your grades.
Just be honest,
don’t hide behind shades.

Your school year,
has reached its end.
Enjoy your summer,
I recommend.

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